Custom photo options for Featured Listings

(Standard website screenshots are included with Featured Listings)


Select the prefered custom photo style for your Featured Listing screenshots.
You'll receive two additional custom styles for each photo. We like to choose the additional styles for you because we can judge and select styles that work well for each photo. However, you can choose (or exclude) additional styles if you like.
Custom photos make excellent backgrounds for cd covers and promotional materials. Additional custom work is available on request.

* Turn gig photos into cd covers
and backgrounds for promotional materials *
                      Photo Styles


  • Plain


  • Fresco


  • Film Grain


  • Cutout


  • Poster Edges


  • Accented Edges


  • Ink Outlines



Custom Photo Options

Prefered Photo Style

Additional Styles

Email photos: (jpeg prefered) to
Photo size: (for Featured Listing screenshots)
Your photo's size or dimensions should be
approximately 800w x 600h pixels, or 4 by 3.

You'll receive full sized jpeg's of work
completed via email.


Special Orders Only