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Title: The Sheffield Institute -
Description:Since 1968, Sheffield Recordings Ltd. has been providing high quality media production services to the public. Today the facility has grown to about 20,000 square feet containing world-class audio and video facilities. Audio studio A, our largest studio, contains an analog SSLDuality console and 48 track Pro Tools HDsystem. Audio studio B contains a digital YamahaDM2000 console and a 48-track Pro Tools HD system. Our two offline/online video editing suites contain Avid Adrenaline and Avid Xpress Pro editing systems. The video department also contains an Adobe After Effects and Photoshop graphic design suite, a DVD authoring suite, and a large sound stage. Sheffield also takes its facilities on the road with the all digital SSL MT+ and dual Pro Tools HD equipped remote audio truck. In 1975 Sheffield Recordings Ltd. hosted some of the first vocational audio engineering workshops given in recording studios in the United States. The courses, given by the Recording Institute of America, were taught until 1982. In 1995 The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts (SIRA) was created to provide vocational instruction and hands-on-training to aspiring students of audio, video, broadcasting, and system integration. The Maryland Higher Education Commission approved SIRA in 1996. This enormous breadth of experience and equipment makes SIRA unique in the industry and a perfect place for a student to learn from the inside what it takes to be successful in the real world. The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts is located at 13816 Sunnybrook Road in Phoenix, Maryland. Amidst the rolling green hills of northern Baltimore County, Sheffield is within easy driving distance of Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia and New York City. Free parking is provided. There is a kitchen with a microwave oven and vending machines available. The entire facility is utilized for presenting courses and lectures are usually given in a classroom or studio to the entire group enrolled in a course. However, labs are divided into smaller groups to enhance the "hands-on experience" and allow the instructors to give more attention to each student. The equipment used for instruction is the same equipment used in the day-to-day operation of Sheffield Audio/Video Productions and throughout the industry. The mission of The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts (SIRA) is to provide graduates with a formal education in TV and Radio broadcasting, audio/video technology. Hands-on experience is gained while working with industry professionals and instructors on state-of-the-art equipment. In today's highly competitive job market an audio/video assistant is expected to understand scientific fundamentals of the physics of light and sound, be comfortable with the operation of complex equipment, and withstand the pressures of working in the demanding environment of a modern facility. By being immersed in audio/video technology and equipment at our institute, a student can become proficient and competent to perform under the pressure of real-world circumstances. The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts provides its students with the same types of experiences they will encounter in on-the-job situations. These experiences become the practical foundation on which a student can build his or her career. Formal lectures are given in the studios and classrooms by industry professionals. These lectures range from basic introductory courses to advanced training in leading edge technology. Lab courses involve equipment use from basic function through advanced techniques on professional equipment. Our goal is for students to acquire the skills necessary to prepare them for employment in the professional broadcasting and audio/video industry.


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