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Title: Rafa Sardina -
Description:As a musician, engineer and producer Rafa connects easily with artists and has tremendous respect for creating a studio vibe that's performance-friendly for both new and established talent. Rafa's love for music began at an early age playing guitar and attending recording sessions in his native Spain. After four years in Medical school, Rafa chose to pursue his life-long passion: Music. A live sound stint with folk, jazz and world artists in Northern Spain and South of France led him to the United States where he attended Full Sail University in order to expand his knowledge and abilities. He graduated with a Valedictorian Award for achievements and excellence. Soon after, he landed an engineering apprenticeship at the legendary Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood and Record One Studios in Sherman Oaks. Rafa had the unique opportunity to work with world renown artists on a daily basis: Black Crows, Celine Dion, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Sinatra, to name a few. He also worked on The Academy Awards pre-records and numerous movies. Rafa's intuition to move to Los Angeles had proved to be one of the most rewarding synergies of his life. Rafa founded Fishbone Music Productions in 2006. He built his studio "Afterhours" from ground up with artist's need in mind. Afterhours is designed by Compos/it/e architectural firm who's behind the design of very reputable studios like Record Plant, David Lynch Studios and many other world-class facilities. "It helps me to be more flexible with today's recording budgets and create a safe place for artists to work without having to worry about the clock," says Sardina, who specified the acoustics and gear installation details of his studio in Woodland Hills, California. He also frequents major studios around the world.


West Coast
Date Added:July 12, 2011

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