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Title: Paradox Sound -
Description:Paradoxx Sound is a Los Angeles recording studio providing services for the music professional as well as the up and coming artist. Our state-of- the-art facility utilizes both analog and digital recording equipment to produce everything from a simple vocal demo to a live music project. Established in 1992 at the start of the digital revolution, Paradoxx Sound began recording with black face ADAT’s and has progressed through almost every recording format available. Today we provide hard disk recording with Pyramix & Pro Tools. We also provide analog recording with our Sony APR-24. Our Digital recording capabilities are second to none. Prism Converters feed digital audio to our Sound Tracs D4 Console then on to Pyramix. All processing is done 32 bit floating point to ensure the best possible sound quality. Using this combination of equipment produces fast real time results. The analog part of the process is also of the highest caliber with great microphones from AKG, Neumann, Sanken and others feeding mic preamps from manufactures such as Millennia, Avalon, Tube Tech and True Audio. We can achieve the sound you are looking for. At Paradoxx Sound tape based recording is done using the Sony APR-24 with analog feeds from our mic’s and preamps. The signal is converted to digital for mixing on our Sound Tracs D4. This gives analog sound with digital flexibility. Located in northern LA County, Paradoxx Sound can offer very competitive rates with world class equipment and service. The quiet relaxed atmosphere at our Palmdale facility is ideal for creating your first demo or your next hit song. We are less than one hour from Hollywood.


West Coast
Date Added:July 12, 2011

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