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Submission Guidelines

  This is a music directory for bands, artists, songwriters and other music professionals to list   their websites and services. Only music or performing arts related sites will be accepted.

  The following categories and guidelines are for bands, artists and songwriters exclusively:

  • Artists and Songwriters: Artists or bands should play original music to qualify for this category.

  • Bands by Category: All artists and bands (ie. cover bands, original artists, ...) may qualify for this category.

  • Music Videos: Artists or bands must have original video(s) on website.

  • Musicians: This category is for individual musicians and artists, and includes subcategories for lyricists and vocalists.

  • Facebook or Myspace listings are permitted for musicians and artists in the four categories above. Facebook/Myspace listings must either be Featured or Regular listings, but cannot use the "reciprocal link" option. Facebook or Myspace "Featured Listings" must add $25 for custom photo screenshot.

  • Artists, bands, musicians, ... use the artists or bands name for the title when submitting your site.

  The following are general guidelines that apply to all listings:

  • Listings in more than one category is permitted when appropriate.

  • Featured listings that are not renewed after expiration turn into permanent regular listings.

  • Do not use all capital letters for any word in the title or description. The only exceptions are acronyms and abbreviations.

  • Sites under construction or with insufficient content will not be accepted. Sites that contain excessive ads, popups or affiliate links will not be accepted. Sites that redirect to another URL will not be accepted. Sites that include any type of pornographic materials, hate materials, racial materials, or unlawful practices will not be accepted.

  • Listings that have become "dead links", or redirect to another url, may be removed without notice or refund.


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